Celina Marcolino

Celina Marcolino

Hi, my name is Celina Marcolino and I’m an LPC Associate licensed in Texas. I have a multicultural family background and have had the pleasure of living and working in different countries and cultures throughout my life.

My main area of expertise and interest is working with neurodivergent teens and adults and helping them regain control of their lives. I have experience working with anxiety, depression, eating disorders, trauma, work-life stress, severe allergies, rare diseases, chronic illness, and pain. My line of work also extends to families and parents looking for how to understand, communicate, and support their children.

I understand the amount of stress and discrimination faced by individuals with visible and non-visible disabilities and the challenge of finding acceptance and support. My goal as a therapist is to support my clients in a compassionate and non-judgmental way and empower them to regain control of their own lives.

My main theoretical approaches are Person-Centered and Adlerian. I incorporate several other theories and interventions based on my client’s needs and their individual goals. I want to be able to help my clients find the best way to navigate the world on their terms, to find acceptance and happiness.

Thank you for checking out my profile and for taking this first step in starting therapy. If you believe we are a good match, please reach out! I would love to be able to work with you!