Celina Marcolino

Celina Marcolino

Thank you for looking in ways to help yourself and for looking into my profile. I understand It is hard to take the first step, but you are there!

If you are feeling stressed, anxious or depressed remind yourself this doesn’t define you and you can and will overcome. This is my view as a therapist and I work towards helping individuals to regain control of your their life and find their inner passion for life.

My name is Celina Cardoso and I’m a Masters degree student from Lamar University. During my life I had the amazing opportunity to work in different countries and be able to acquire multicultural skills to understand and appreciate the different cultures, beliefs and values. Counseling is a second degree and profession in my life and I have some areas which are very close to my heart due to family and personal experiences such as anxiety, depression, life transitions, trauma, rare diseases and eating disorders/severe allergies. I also work with families and couples!

Again, thank you for checking out and for thinking about yourself!
If you believe we are a good match, please reach out! I would love to be able to work with you!

Bilingual in Portuguese.