Martin Dolan, Counseling Student

University of Houston-Clear Lake

Taking the time to choose the right counselor is a great step towards your personal journey to mental health. I hope that by giving a little information about myself, you will have a better understanding of my beliefs and see if they align with yours.

I am a student counselor currently attending classes at the University of Houston – Clear Lake to become a licensed professional counselor (LPC). My wife and I have been happily together for 12 years and are parents to two young girls. Because of this, I understand the challenges involved in keeping and growing a committed relationship while understanding the intricacies of a complex family dynamic. I have always had an innate curiosity towards myself and others, what drives them, and how their experiences shape their perspective of the world. I believe that we are all simply trying our best to exist and thrive amongst each other and that relationships in our lives can help us progress towards our personal goals.

Personally, I have experienced the healing effects of group, individual, and couples counseling with difficulties regarding anxiety, depression, burnout, co-dependent relationships, grief/loss, and addiction. Having navigated these challenges, I have developed a greater understanding of the subtleties that come with each of them. I also believe that confronting generational trauma is a powerful way to gain awareness in one’s life and continue onward without passing it to future generations. Throughout my life, family, friends, and strangers alike have felt comfortable sharing their personal challenges with me. I believe that I can offer a calm and attentive space for you to do the same.

Together, we will uncover what is holding you back, what challenges are inhibiting you, and achieve your goals.